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Created in 1998, Comodo is a monster on the Internet security global market. Innovative company, it provides a large range of products to organizations and individuals for protecting online transferred data and private protection software.


Comodo provides a wide panel of personal security software such as antivirus and firewall. Comodo's firewall got some awards, as one of the best products on the market. Comodo also edits Dragon, a chromium technology browser, with high security and confidentiality features.

As TBS INTERNET Comodo strategic partner affiliate, we sell Comodo digital certificates and provide technical services and documentation. As iCloud and EasyJet, choose Comodo for your web sites security!

Comodo products:

  • Comodo UCC for Microsoft Exchange or higher OCS environment

  • Comodo SSL

  • Comodo SSL EV

  • Comodo Wildcard SSL

  • Comodo SSL EV multiple sites (3+)

  • Comodo AMT SSL for Intel vPro

  • Comodo MultiWild (2+)